AI Trading

Chat GPT based Trading Strategies

Our ChatGPT-powered AI trading strategy uses a collaborative machine learning (DLR) approach to identify patterns from historical price data and market trends.

In doing so, we derive potential entry and exit points for trading, in a deep-reinforcement learning approach.

The strategy dynamically adapts to market fluctuations and can trade in an automated manner to avoid human emotions.

The performance of the strategy is regularly monitored and optimized to achieve consistent and profitable results.

Deep Reinforcement Learning (DLR):

This method uses neural networks to make trading decisions based on rewards and penalties. The system learns through trial and error.

DLR methods have achieved impressive success in various application areas, especially in games and robotics.

Deep Reinforcement Learning (DLR) examples

AlphaGo: DeepMinds AlphaGo program uses DRL and achieved historic victories against human Go champions. This demonstrated for the first time DRLs ability to solve complex strategic decision problems.

Autonomous vehicles: DRL is used in autonomous vehicles to learn driving behaviors and adapt in dynamic traffic situations.

Speech processing: DRL is used to improve natural language processing and dialog systems, leading to advanced chatbots and voice assistants.

Financial markets: In the financial world, DRL is used to develop trading strategies, manage risk, and identify patterns in markets.

Medical applications: DRL is used to diagnose diseases, develop drugs, and personalize treatment planning.

Products to be launched in early 2024 on various asset classes.


Dr. Wladimir Kovacic

Marco Caderas

Olivier Mathys