AI Trading

GenAI based Trading Strategies

Our generative AI trading strategy uses a collaborative machine learning approach to identify patterns from historical price data and market trends.

In doing so, we derive potential entry and exit points for trading, in a deep-reinforcement learning approach.

The strategy dynamically adapts to market fluctuations and can trade in an automated manner to avoid human emotions.

The performance of the strategy is regularly monitored and optimized to achieve consistent and profitable results.

Executive Summary

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets, GenAiInvestmentTechnologies emerges as a pioneering financial technology, harnessing the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize investment decision-making.

We are developing our own proprietary Generative AI algorithms deploying deep learning techniques to identify lucrative, well structured investment opportunities and employ a dynamic and adaptive approach in regards to risk and reward.

Our vision at GenAiInvestmentTechnologies is to be the steadfast partner of investors seeking exceptional returns and risk mitigation while being at the forefront of the investment transformation mirroring the paradigm shift Netflix initiated in the entertainment industry.

GenAiInvestmentTechnologies boldly envisions becoming the gold standard for tailor-made AI-powered investment solutions and products, fostering a seamless integration of our models into the investment process. Our unwavering pursuit of excellence drives us to empower investors with the tools they need to achieve their financial aspirations.

We at GenAiInvestmentTechnologies aspire to revolutionize the investment landscape, empowering investors and institutions to navigate the intricacies of the financial world with unparalleled precision and foresight.

As AI technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, GenAiInvestmentTechnologies remains unwavering in its commitment to spearheading innovation. We deeply commited to serve and empower our clients to make informed, intelligent investment decisions that fully align with their financial goals.


Dr. Wladimir Kovacic

Marco Caderas

Olivier Mathys

Article about our project: Bilanz April 2024 (pdf)