Analyst: Master thesis

You have graduated successful with your bachelor degree and are now looking for a challenging job on one of our projects.

Your function

We are addressing ambitious students to make a full-time internship. This internship should be 3-6 months and depends on the availability of our experienced consultants. You will be a part of our team working on real client projects. You will gain your first experiences and receive responsibilities at the level of an analyst.

Your development

You will receive coaching from our experienced consultants to develop your consulting skills and discuss first impressions. Furthermore you can take part in all the internal training of the Advisory Group. At the end of your internship you will receive personal feedback to outline your opportunities up to your final degree.

Employment requirements

As an analyst you need to have a very good academic background and have an excellent problem solving approach. In the past you have been able to demonstrate that you can lance tasks and finalize them. Excellent writing and spoken skills in both English and German language are essentials.