Senior Consultant

After obtaining a successful degree you have gained experiences in the advisory context and in various industries. You will bring essential consulting skills and experiences to the Advisory Group.

Your function

As a senior consultant you are involved in every kind of customer and internal development projects and are able to deliver value added contribution. At this stage you can specify and extend your knowledge base in the consulting area with the target to establish expert knowledge and experiences in the necessary scope. Senior consultants will also be expected to take a leading role in client projects when they are representing the Advisory Group as well as take an active role in internal projects. You will be engaged in creating and implementing value-delivering approaches, manage and motivate your team members and begin to take care independently of some customer relationships on middle and higher management level.

Your development

As a senior consultant you are part of the management mentoring program of the Advisory Group. Your mentor supports you to specialize in your area of competencies and extend your team leading skills. Your career development and training will be supported by continuous feedback, so that you can reach your targets. Senior consultants are usually working for 3 years at this stage and are successful coaches for analysts and consultants before they will be promoted to a manager. Of course this depends on the level of your individual skills and efforts as a consultant.

Employment requirements

After a successful degree senior consultants have demonstrated their competencies in various clients projects and can verify it by former promotions. Senior consultants have a significant competence to solve complex problems and experience in teamwork to lance and finalize projects successfully. The international alignment of our projects assumes English and German written and spoken.