You have successfully obtained your degree and possibly acquired first experiences in the consulting branch.

Your function

As a consultant you are expected to understand the diversified problems and challenges of our clients. You will collaborate closely with our clients and we expect that you will incorporate specific knowledge in the industries of our clients. Furthermore you will become skilled at the essential consulting methods and approaches. You will improve your communication and management skills and work successfully in a consulting team. Furthermore you will gain experience in actual and future problems in the specific industries of our clients.

Your development

As a consultant you will be accompanied by a mentor supporting you to improve your diversified knowledge base with the target to specialize you as an expert. Your career development and training will be supported by continuous feedback to extend your functional and soft skills. Consultants at this stage are developing their advisory skills in different client projects during 2-3 years, before you will be promoted to the next stage. Of course this depends on development of your individual skills and effort as a consultant.

Employment requirements

Consultants at this stage have usually gained first experiences and developments in their career. We are expecting that you have worked in teams to solve complex approaches and demonstrated your skills. The international alignment of our projects assumes English and German written and spoken.